URBNFit Exercise Ball Review: Great Unstable Sphere For Core

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This is my honest opinion about the URBNFit exercise ball. This type of ball was fun to sit on and pounce on as a kid. I enjoyed the comfort it provided for my bum, but I also used it for fun. Fun: using the exercise ball like a kickball or playing dodgeball with the other kids. As I got older and took fitness seriously, I shopped for equipment to elevate my workouts. I saw a couple of photos on Google to see what workout apparatus I wanted to purchase. When I saw the exercise ball, I immediately wanted to see what exercises I could perform. I saw many practices I could perform for my calisthenics training, so I bought my first exercise ball. I have to say that it is a great ball.

What is an exercise ball?

An exercise ball is a big ball that comes in various sizes and colors. Depending on the person’s height, some buy the smallest (18 inches), and others buy the biggest (34 inches). It’s a ball you can bounce, sit on, or even play kickball with it. Ultimately, the ball’s usage is for exercising, not playing kickball. You can do various exercises with the ball, and the benefit of it is the instability the ball provides. The instability forces your mind and body connection to flourish to perform basic exercises.

How do you use the URBNFit exercise ball?

To use the exercise ball correctly, you must have a body and mind connection when performing various exercises. The instability of the exercise ball makes it challenging to achieve specific movements. To do this, you need to anchor your feet onto something. I like to use my bed as an anchor. The bottom front rail does the job for me to anchor my feet, so there won’t be any rocking. You can also use the ball to stretch out your abdominals by laying on your back and arching the spine. It feels terrific.

What are the pros and cons of the URBNFit exercise ball?

The pros of the exercise ball are that you can do various forms of exercise. Another is that the quality of the exercise ball is built with high-quality PVC material. It won’t burst because it’s an anti-burst exercise ball that can handle the most rigorous workouts. The construct of the surface is a non-slip glaze that will ensure you have a proper and safe grip. It also comes with a dual-action ball pump to inflate quickly by hand. The biggest con about the exercise ball is the instability of performing various exercises. You have to put your mind and body together to do some exercises.

Is the URBNFit exercise ball high quality?

Urbnfit Exercise Ball

Yes, the quality of the exercise ball is built with high-quality PVC material. You don’t need to worry about the ball bursting. The anti-burst exercise ball can handle the most rigorous workouts. The construct of the surface is a non-slip glaze that will ensure you have a proper and safe grip. The exercise ball for your home gym has a quick, dual-action ball pump to inflate by hand quickly. Your workout ball is deflated and can be pumped up in minutes with minimal effort.

How does the URBNFit Exercise Ball measure up to another exercise ball?

If my memory serves me right, the exercise ball is the same as any other. It’s well suited for any person. They are all made of the same material and have various sizes and colors, just like the Urbinfit exercise ball. I can’t say there’s a difference, except for the logo name, which sounds fantastic, and the coloring.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

The exercise ball is suitable for any individual looking to get into shape. No matter what your size is, the ball comes in various sizes. Even pregnant women can reap the benefits of exercising with the exercise ball. The only type of exercise a pregnant person shouldn’t do is abdominal or lower back exercise. Long-term usage of this apparatus makes this ball very valuable in the long term.

What kinds of exercises can you do with the URBNFit exercise ball?

These are the five exercises I found to be the best for me. I believe these will be great for you too. Look at an article on static stretching before engaging in any physical activity. This article is to show you stretches to prevent you from underperforming and avoid tightness in the muscles.


I never like to perform the situp on a hard surface because the sacrum and coccyx roll over the floor. It hurts. The only way I enjoy doing the situp is with an exercise ball. It feels very comfortable, allowing me to engage my entire core. Another benefit of the exercise is a full range of motion when your feet are anchored to something sturdy. Muscles exercised are

  • Abdominals
  • Obliques
  • Hip flexors

Back Extension

Another exercise that benefits from a full range of motion when facing the floor is the back extension. There’s no other way to do a back extension on the exercise ball. The feet must be anchored to a sturdy object so you won’t fall off the ball and hurt yourself. Muscles exercised are

  • Erector Spinae
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings

Exercise Ball Ab Roll

Another excellent core workout with the exercise ball is the ab rollout. All you have to do is roll forward and back, and the ball will assist you. Muscles exercised are

  • Abdominals
  • Obliques

Hamstring Curl

Bodyweight hamstring curls are a fantastic isolation exercise when done on the floor. But doing it with the ball engages more because your legs and hips are elevated. With this elevation, you can engage more. Muscle exercised are

  • Hamstrings

Reverse Back Extension

This exercise involves you lying on the ball facing the floor. You grab a firm object and raise your legs by performing a hip extension. The exercise is great to work on the posterior chain. Muscles exercised are

  • Erector Spinae
  • Glutes


Performing the exercise with the ball requires you to put the ball on the wall and lean your back on it. When you perform the squat, never do the exercise quickly; instead, perform the exercise slowly and perform a squat hold. This will guarantee the quads feel that amazing burn. Muscles exercises are

  • Quads
  • Glutes



Since I first bought the URBNFit exercise ball, it has been a great workout tool since I first received it. The ball allows various exercises to be performed with instability, making it hard for novices. The body and mind connection is so imperative because you can injure yourself. I haven’t injured myself because I have experience with the ball performing without falling off. The ball is a great exercise tool for anyone who wants to start a workout regimen. No other apparatus will challenge your core quite like the URBNFit exercise ball.

Please comment below. If you have any doubts or questions, please be specific about the questions you have that you want me to answer. I’ll answer them as soon as possible. Thanks.

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