Prosourcefit Ankle Weights Review: Best weights to lift your feet

Intro I have nothing against weights because they provide extra resistance when performing calisthenics, especially to make you stronger. But I am a simple man who prefers to wear weights instead of handheld weights. I like the prosourcefit ankle weights because it’s pragmatic and easy to use for various activities. It also allows me to […]

Prosourcefit Loop Resistance Bands Review: An astonishing alternative

Intro The truth about calisthenics is that isolating most muscles and performing isometrics is challenging. Like traditional weight lifting, body weight relies solely on gravity as the source of resistance. You can easily use body mechanics with prosourcefit loop resistance bands because the bands can elongate the direction you want to pull. An added benefit […]

Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap Review: The Nordic way of strengthening

Intro In this article, I’ll explain the benefits of having a nordstick nordic curl strap in your arsenal for home use. The apparatus contributes to the development of solid hamstrings. Not only does this robust apparatus allow strong hamstring development, but you can also exercise other muscles. Those muscles are the posterior chain and core. […]

Beginners Guide To Calisthenics: The Ultimate Calisthenics Guide

Intro Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome; In this article, I’ll explain everything I know about calisthenics, its history, and different approaches to bodyweight training. I maintain a lean physique, and I refuse to be chubby again. It was a struggle from the beginning of my training; most importantly, mastering the basics was necessary. The process […]

Calisthenics Isolation Exercises: One joint, one muscle development

Intro Compound movements are, overall, the best to build up your body, but particular muscles need attention. Specific muscles need attention because compound exercises don’t always exercise every part of the anatomy. Weak points compound exercises aren’t able to target during the movement. This article will list ten isolation calisthenics exercises to target all the […]

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