Surge Testosterone Naturally: Best ways to elevate the male hormone

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Hello there, reader. Welcome to my article. I’ll be discussing different ways to surge testosterone naturally. From the time we’re born until our death, we men produce the most imperative hormone in our ball sack, testosterone. This hormone is crucial to keep producing as we live because it gives us the drive. The drive to do men’s stuff like invent, lift, athletic movement, fighting, fixing, destroying, sex, and protecting. We men are amazing creatures that evolution has created because we shaped the world to our liking. All of these accomplishments are thanks to our hormones that drive us to pursue the things we want. Without testosterone, we would be weak, submissive, and lackadaisical. Now, let’s dive into how we can surge our testosterone naturally.

What is testosterone?

Surge Testosterone

Testosterone is the hormone androgen that’s developed in the gonads of males. An androgen is a steroid that gives a male secondary characteristics as he develops from a boy to a man. The period a male begins producing a lot of testosterone is in his teen years. Then, he continues to produce as the years go by until he reaches older years. That period begins at 40 years and up when testosterone levels start dropping very slowly. There are ways for a man to surge testosterone naturally as he gets older. But there are also treatments for older men having a hard time producing testosterone. Testosterone is an important hormone for men to develop for general well-being.

Secondary male characteristics

There are secondary male characteristics that show a man’s appearance and behavior. There are periods of great physical and psychological changes that occur during a young man’s coming of age. But there are also bad periods in a young man’s life as he goes through these changes. I had my periods of good and bad changes happening to me physically and psychologically. Let’s take a closer look at what these secondary male characteristics are.

Facial/Body Hair

Surge Testosterone

When I hit puberty at 12, I noticed I was growing facial and body hair. I was turning into a young man and no longer a boy with innocence. As I aged through my teens, my hair became thicker, and I developed acne. This period was good and bad as I was going through all of these physical changes. I looked more like a man with facial and bodily hair but with acne. As I aged through my 20s to my 30s, my acne reduced drastically, but I still grow a pimple occasionally. Overall, I have to say I look handsome with facial hair and clearer skin.

Deepening of the voice

I can’t remember hearing what I sounded like before I hit puberty. I remember a 6th-grade female classmate telling me my voice started to deepen. She was mimicking the way I spoke with a deep voice, and I didn’t notice until that day. Whenever a girl tries to baritone her voice to sound like a guy, it’s sort of funny and weird. I approached my mom with this new revelation about myself, and she told me I was changing into a man. My voice wasn’t the only thing changing; I was developing an Adam’s apple. I remember how I couldn’t stop touching my Adam’s apple because I was just fascinated by what my throat developed. Women have told me that I have a sexy voice because they love the baritone sound when I speak. It’s not deep like Barry White, but it’s more like a mid-baritone.

Increase muscle/bone mass

When a boy hits puberty, he starts becoming denser, faster, more aggressive, and more tolerant of pain. Muscles and bones grow denser when T levels surge from adolescence until old age. A young male develops wider shoulders and a narrow waist to indicate maturity growth. I remember how I felt being able to lift heavy equipment when I was a teen. That powerful feeling was high. I became capable of running faster, I was tolerant of pain, and I developed aggression. As an introvert, I understood I had to tone down my aggression by putting it into something useful. The few times I let out my aggression, I felt shameful and regret that I wasn’t able to control my rage. I can better control my aggression by studying stoicism and relying on logic and reason as an adult.

Sex Drive

By the time I was 12, my liking for females became apparent when I had an arousal for them. My schvantz and testes grew, and wet dreams would occur once or twice a month. I had moments of embarrassment. One such incident was when I had a hard-on looking at a pretty girl in school. I was blushing and I didn’t want to get up from my chair until I was back to baseline. Women’s secondary feminine features became visible as I grew more into loving them. Their long hair, feminine face, soft voice, perfume, softer skin, tender muscles, thin frame, breasts, small waist, and wide hips. All of these external traits became intoxicating to me because it’s my body urging me to reproduce with a female.

Now, even though this is the first reason why I love women, they are not only sexual objects of desire. They are human, just like me. I connect with them emotionally because women are emotional humans. Women respond through emotion, and men through sex. A man has to learn how to socialize and flirt with a woman to gain trust so he can lead her into bed. There are sayings, “Women are the gatekeepers of sex” and “Men are the gatekeepers of relationships.” Women want a relationship, but Men want sex. A man has to be stoic, congruent, indifferent, humorous, protective, and a listener. These masculine traits are what women are looking for in a man because they want to feel safe and secure. Testosterone is the hormone that gives a man that animalistic edge of manliness to do things that impress women.

As men age

When a man heads toward his elder years, his testosterone drops. The drop can negatively affect a man’s physical and psychological well-being. The effects include weaker bones, weaker joints, muscle decrease, fat gain, low sex drive, depression, and lacking motivation. The cause of this is due to a decline in testicular and hypothalamic-pituitary function. Does every man eventually become a weak elder with no motive to continue living a happy life? No. I will never become that kind of person when I become an old man. I’ll be energetic, full of life, and motivate the younger boys in the future to stay fit and healthy. If there’s one thing that we own it’s our bodies. From teenage into old age, we should be doing everything in our power to avoid the deterioration of our manhood. But there comes a time when a man should seek help from a doctor.

How do you surge testosterone naturally?

There are several ways to surge testosterone naturally. I include 5 ways to do this so I can keep a constant progression of my well-being. Hopefully, you the reader can take some pointers into developing your regimen for maintaining good testosterone levels.


Fitness is an integral part of the male experience to live well. It allows a man to move in harmony without feeling restrictions on his body. Fitness includes resistance training, cardio, and flexibility. Resistance training is about pushing, pulling, and lifting an object against gravity. Those objects can be handheld weights or your body weight. Another type of resistance training that doesn’t involve gravity is resistance bands. The resistance band’s resistance comes from the latex material when you stretch it out in any direction. Cardiovascular exercise is about increasing your heart rate so the heart can pump more blood and oxygen. Examples of cardio exercises include running, swimming, or cycling. Flexibility training is about stretching the entire muscles and tendons to loosen up the body for performance. Not only do you feel more mobile, but you also allow better posture, circulation, and relaxation.

According to articles I read on how exercise increases testosterone, they only mention the post-workout effect. I couldn’t find any research into the physiological process of why testosterone increases during resistance training. According to modern medicine, more research is needed to understand the physiology of this phenomenon. Many medical research articles indicate a surge of testosterone increase only lasts between 30 to 1 hour post-workout. Scientists and fitness experts agree to perform compound instead of isolation exercises. Isolation only focuses on one muscle, but compound recruit multiple muscles. The best exercises for increasing testosterone are pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and deadlifts. Why compound? Because it requires more effort, and they are more dynamic and athletic.


Surge Testosterone

Food is an integral part of increasing testosterone because food contains vitamins and minerals the body needs for production. After a post-workout, the body needs absorption of various foods to help boost testosterone. Without a proper diet, the production of testosterone would severely decrease the benefits needed. Examples would be fruits, vegetables, legumes, grain, meat, dairy, or nondairy. These foods are just a broad spectrum of the sources needed to surge testosterone.


Surge Testosterone

Fasting is a compelling way to help boost testosterone because it can lower insulin and boost human growth hormone. Much of what we know about the practice is thanks to modern medicine and ancient traditions. The furthest recorded history of the practice dates back to the Vedic, Hindu, and Jainism religions around 1500 BCE. All of this information gives us an insight into the physiological changes that occur when it’s practiced; both good and bad.


Surge Testosterone

Sleep is integral to the well-being of a man so he can function mentally and physically throughout the day. Without the right amount of sleep, proper function is inadequate. The reason why sleep increases testosterone is because human growth hormone secretes during sleep. HGH is secreted from the pituitary gland for growth and repair throughout the body. HGH interlinks with the testicles to release testosterone. This phenomenon is why muscles grow and bone density increases after an intense workout. It’s also the reason why men wake up with an erection, which means a healthy man.


Surge Testosterone

Every man goes through the stress of some form. Some are severe, others are mild, and some are few. No matter what life circumstances a man is in, it’s known that stress plummets a man’s testosterone. When stress increases, cortisol increases. Cortisol is a steroid hormone made in the adrenal glands; its nickname is the stress hormone. Cortisol is not a terrible hormone because it regulates other functions of the body that are important. But too much cortisol (stress) has ramifications. The best way to prevent cortisol levels from rising is by practicing stress relief activities. Those activities are reading, meditation, sleeping, walking, sex, etc.


The article is an overview of what testosterone is and how to manage it without plumbing our superpower. Testosterone is so vital to the well-being of a man throughout his life. Managing all aspects to keep this hormone in check requires different approaches. Once all of that is figured out, it’s easier to continue the plan without losing it as you age.

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