Runmax Weighted Vest Review: The best weight tool in calisthenics

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Runmax Weighted Vest


I’m not about this nonsense notion that body weight is better than weight training and vice versa. One isn’t better than the other because they provide the same results: a fit body. I’m an avid student of Calisthenics training because you can perform exercises anywhere you like. You also get excellent results from using your body weight without going to the gym. Putting that fact aside, it doesn’t hurt to have a few handheld weights or wear the Runmax weighted vest. They help elevate your Calisthenics performance once you put the weights down or take them off at home. I like weighted Calisthenics because it’s more challenging. The muscles fatigue faster because the body receives new stimuli from the extra effort. Over time, the body adapts to the same stimuli from your body weight; weights are necessary.

What is a weighted vest?

A weighted vest is a vital apparatus to have when performing calisthenics exercises. The weighted vest is wearing extra weight on the body to facilitate more muscle stimuli. When building more strength, you need to challenge the body. If you keep doing the same reps and sets, the body constantly adapts to the same stimuli with your body weight. You won’t see much significant difference in strength or growth. The weighted vest is handy for providing muscles with extra resistance when performing compound exercises. You exhaust yourself much faster because the body lifts excess weight and fights gravity even more. But after taking off the vest, you feel lighter and can perform more reps and sets. That’s the whole point of the vest, to get stronger and do more reps and sets.

How do you wear the Runmax Weighted Vest?

Runmax Weighted Vest
Runmax Weighted Vest
Runmax Weighted Vest

You wear the Runmax weighted vest on your body. The vest has two straps to wrap around you to tighten the vest so you can move at any tempo. Thiers a gap to put the vest on. After doing this, you can start compound, isolation, aerobics, or plyometrics.

Is the Runmax Weighted Vest high quality?

Runmax Weighted Vest
Runmax Weighted Vest

The vest is of excellent fabric, design, and comfort. The material is of excellent quality because the fabric is made from solid nylon. The added benefit to the vest’s edges is double layered with reinforced nylon.
The design looks great. It seems basic and simple. Not ostentatious, but great to look at, especially the logo design. It has a phone pocket and a water bottle holder included. For the comfort of our bodies, the weighted vest includes shoulder pads for convenience.
For safety, it has straps to wrap around the midsection for solidity. The weights are secured in a safe pouch; you can move as fast as possible. So overall, the weighted vest is an excellent quality in your home gym.

What are the pros and cons of the Runmax Weighted Vest?

Runmax Weighted Vest

One of the pros of the weighted vest is the nylon material that gives extra durability for extended use. The second pro about the Runmax weighted vest is the shoulder pads. The shoulder pads provide adequate comfort for the shoulder muscles so that the weight won’t press down. Without the shoulder pads, the shoulders would feel discomfort from the weight pressing down on them. The third pro is it has straps to wrap around the midsection for solidity before use. The fourth pro is the weights themselves are safe and secure in great pouches. The fifth pro is that the vest has a phone pocket and a water bottle holder. The con is exercising with the vest on because performing compound, isolation, aerobics, and plyometrics is challenging. I’ve been using the vest since 2021, and It hasn’t ripped for all the movements I’ve been doing.

How does the Runmax Weighted Vest measure up to other weighted vests?

I honestly can’t give you an answer because the Runmax weighted vest is the only weighted vest I ever bought. I wouldn’t know what to mention about the significant difference between the other vest and the one I use. The only thing I can point out that makes the vest stand out from the rest is its appearance. My opinion on the impression is that the vest looks great, and every other vest doesn’t look that great.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

The weighted vest is for anyone who yearns to take their physical strength to the next level. Fat, muscular, or skinny men can wear the vest and improve on compound exercises.

What types of exercises can you perform wearing a weighted vest?

Thiers a ton of exercises you can do while wearing the weighted vest. You can perform compound, aerobics, and plyometrics without restrictions on your movement. The most significant difference between wearing weights and handheld weights is mobility. The weight vest allows you to move anywhere, but handheld weights limit your mobility. Most of the time, you are in one spot with handheld weights. It’s not bad, but I have a preference, and that’s being mobile without restriction. I can run, jump, walk, and do pushups, pullups, or squats whenever I wear the vest. The weighted vest is convenient for intense workouts at your home gym. Here’s an article I’ve done about weighted calisthenics.


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I enjoy the Runmax weighted vest as one of my home gym apparatuses. I can wear it indoors or outdoors to exercise any time of the day or night. The boost you get after wearing the vest does increase your chances of performing more reps and sets. Without my weighted vest, I couldn’t enjoy being physically lighter and performing more reps. Depending on your preference, you can choose 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 pounds of weight on your body. I decided on the 20-pound vest because it’s light for someone of my height and build. Even though the vest weighs 20 pounds, I still feel a tremendous difference when taking off the vest. I’m sure you will get the same results as I do when wearing it and performing compound exercises. It’s just that great to have to elevate your Calisthenics.

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