Prosourcefit XFit Power Resistance Bands Review: An Astonishing Alternative

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The truth about calisthenics is that isolation and isometrics are challenging. The reason is that bodyweight isolation doesn’t always provide enough tension when performing the classical 8 to 12-rep range. More reps are required to start feeling tired until you can’t do any more reps. Isometrics challenges the body to remain stationary for an extended period. It’s much more difficult when the body is aligned horizontally in mid-air at a 180-degree angle. With the help of the ProsourceFit XFit Power Resistance Bands, you’re better equipped because the apparatus can increase tension. You can perform in the classical 8 to 12-rep range, but it depends. It depends on the type of band you are using. Second, the loop bands provide elevated support to execute isometrics in the horizontal plane position.

An added benefit is you don’t rely on gravity but on the material-resistant elasticity of the loop bands. What makes the loop bands unique in this regard is pulling in a horizontal plane, not just the vertical plane. With traditional weight lifting, you solely depend on gravity which only has a vertical up-and-down motion. The reason for this is that gravity only pulls down. Now, let’s dive into what makes the ProsourceFit XFit Power Resistance Bands an amazing tool to have in your tool kit.

What are the ProsourceFit XFit Power Resistance bands?

Prosourcefit Xfit Power Resistance Bands
rubber bands

The loop resistance bands share a similar look to a rubber band; it’s only more gargantuan, elastic, and durable. The apparatus is made of natural latex material to provide elasticity when stretching the band. To care for the loop bands, make sure not to use any cleaning product because it can damage them. The loops provide beginners and athletes with various exercises with different resistant levels based on the colors provided. Here’s a list of different color code resistance levels. I just summarized the loop bands; now, let’s dive in and learn more about this unique tool. As you can see, the ProsourceFit XFit Power Resistance Bands provide enough resilience to make any workout difficult.

  • Black-60 lb to 150 lb
  • Blue-50 lb to 120 lb 
  • Red- 40 lb to 80 lb
  • Green- 30 lb to 50 lb
  • Yellow- 10 lb to 35 lb

How do you use the ProsourceFit XFit Power Resistance Bands?

Prosourcefit Xfit Power Resistance Bands
Prosourcefit Xfit Power Resistance Bands
Prosourcefit XFit Power Resistance Bands

There are three ways to hold the resistance bands during an exercise. It doesn’t matter if the inclusion of the door anchor is used or not. You can also mimic dumbbell workouts with resistance bands too. The first way to hold the band is using both hands shoulder with apart. The second way is grasping the whole band. The last grip is holding the end of the band. Executing exercises can be done in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal pull from the top, middle, or bottom.

Prosourcefit Xfit Power Resistance Bands
Prosourcefit XFit Power Resistance Bands
Prosourcefit XFit Power Resistance Bands

Positioning the resistance bands on the feet can be done in three ways. The first way is to close the feet together to elongate and lessen the tensity when pulling the resistance band. The second way is placing the resistance band on one foot. The last is widening the feet apart to increase the tension when pulling the resistance band.

Prosourcefit XFit Power Resistance Bands

To properly use the loop bands, grip the ends of the band or grip both strings together to pull. For stability, place the elastic band on both feet or one foot. Another alternative for solidity, wrap it in a door anchor, either vertical or horizontal, on the door. That is it; now you know how to use the loop bands.

Are the ProsourceFit XFit Power Resistance Bands high quality?

Prosourcefit Xfit Power Resistance Bands

The loop bands are high-quality latex, so you can elongate the bands in any direction you want to pull, horizontal or vertical. It’s also durable to use repeatedly for all types of exercises. To care for the loop bands, use a damp cloth for cleaning, but don’t use any cleaning products. The chemicals damage the material. Never put the elastic bands in direct sunlight because it will cause discoloration and it can also cause brittleness. Always store the elastic bands in an excellent, dry environment.

What are the pros and cons of ProsourceFit XFit Power Resistance Bands?

The pros of the loop bands surely outweigh the cons. First of all, the loop resistance bands are everything you want for a home gym. You don’t need to go to the gym to get a full-body workout. You can perform compound, basic isometrics, and isolation exercises. It’s a work of genius to have an apparatus like this in the 21st century and beyond. The second pro about the loop bands is they are lightweight to carry. The last pro about these elastic bands is their thickness. It won’t rip as long as you care for them. The cons about the loop bands are that they don’t have handles like resistance bands tube handles. The second con is that it doesn’t come with ankle straps to perform smooth hip and leg isolation exercises. It can cause discomfort on the edges of the palms. Wear work gloves for comfort.

How do the ProsourceFit XFit Power Resistance Bands measure up to other resistance bands?

Prosourcefit Xfit Power Resistance Bands
Prosourcefit Loop Resistance BandsResistance band tube handles
Great for compound exercisesGreat for compound exercises
Great for increasing resistanceGreat for increasing resistance
Great for hip isolationGreat for hip isolation
Great for leg isolationGreat for leg isolation
No handles or ankle strapsHandles and ankle straps
Great for difficult isometric assistanceNot great for difficult isometric assistance

As I stated on the pros and cons of the loop bands, it doesn’t come with handles and ankle straps. The handles are for comfort because the foam doesn’t irritate the skin like the loop bands. The loops don’t rub the palms but the hand’s edges whenever you pull the loop. The ankle straps have a metal ring to connect an elastic band tube handle. You can perform better isolation exercises for the hip and leg region than the loop bands. The bands fall short on lower body isolation because you have to focus. Focus on making sure the loop doesn’t slip off your ankle. I’m not too fond of that. I want to focus on performing a movement than worrying about the loop slipping off my ankle. That’s the significant difference between the loop and tube handle versions of the resistance bands.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

The loop bands are for everyone, young and the elderly because they don’t cause joint strains. The long-term usage is excellent for anybody looking to get into physical shape, no matter what age. Its ease of use allows the elastic bands to be stretched in any direction with different eclectic exercises. The apparatus is just the right tool for anyone; it’s lightweight, portable, and durable.

What types of exercises can you do with the ProsourceFit XFit Power Resistance Bands?

You can do isolation and compound exercises with the loop resistance bands. Here’s an article I’ve done showing a variety of exercises you can do with loop bands. Consider looking into the door anchor because it’s essential to have one perform specific exercises with these bands. Look at an article on static stretching before engaging in any physical activity. This article shows you stretches to prevent you from underperforming and avoid tightness in the muscles.


All of your ProsourceFit equipment will be shipped through FedEx.


This article is about my experience with the ProsourceFit XFit Power Resistance Bands. I enjoy using these loop bands whenever I’m not game for bodyweight training. I highly recommend these loop bands for your home gym workouts because it’s light, durable, elastic, and portable. You can start toning your body using loop bands and changing your lifestyle.

Please comment below. If you have any doubts or questions, please be specific about the questions you have that you want me to answer. I’ll answer them as soon as possible. Thanks.

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