ProsourceFit Weight Vest Review: A Spectacular Weight To Wear

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Welcome to my article review on the ProsourceFit weight vest. In this article, I’ll discuss my experience using the weight vest and how it’s challenging during calisthenics training. I like this weight vest because of the versatility I can apply using it during resistance, aerobics, and plyometrics. The vest is my favorite compared to my runmax weight vest. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, just that the Runmax is a little stockier. Even though they look and feel different, they both serve the same purpose. That purpose is to add weight onto the body to increase resistance to exhaust the body. I’ve been using it for a while, and I have to say that it’s been great to use this vest. After wearing the vest during a workout, I can apply a few more reps because I feel lighter and more robust. Let’s dive into this article.

What is the ProsourceFit Weight Vest?

The weight vest from ProsourceFit is a comfortable weight vest to wear. It’s not a heavyset, but simple to wear, similar to a book bag. The purpose of the weight vest is to add weight to the body. I say this isn’t absolute, but relative strength with extra weight added to the body. Absolute strength is how strong you can lift an object according to the load of the item. Relative strength is how strong you are to carry your own body weight. The additional weight allows the body to perform fewer reps because the body is registering more load. Thus, the body will feel lighter, but robust to perform more reps after wearing the weight vest. All this means is the vest makes relative strength more grueling but rewarding after use. I’m happy to acknowledge the necessity of a weight vest, and this vest is a must-have.

How do you wear the ProsourceFit Weight Vest?

To wear the vest properly, think of it as a school book bag. You put your arms through the openings of the vest, then lock the straps for proper use. Then you pull the strap to adjust how tight you want to wear it. You can also loosen up the straps for comfort if you’re heavy.

Is the ProsourceFit Weight Vest high quality?

Prosourcefit Weight Vest
Prosourcefit Weight Vest

The vest is made of soft neoprene material for comfort & durability. The vest isn’t stocky, which is great because the front side of the vest doesn’t have a weight pouch. Most vests have weight pouches to store weight bricks on the front torso region and the backside. The ProsourceFit weight vest doesn’t have that; the weight is on the entire vest. It probably carries sand as the material to give it its weight. The vest includes a back pocket to store a phone, keys, etc. The last noticeable part is the straps to lock and adjust by tightening or loosening for comfort. The heaviest vest the company provides, for now, is 20 pounds. It may not be much, but if your max pullup is 15, you might only do 10 reps with the vest. That’s because more weight adds to the torso making the exercise harder.

What are the pros and cons of the ProsourceFit Weight Vest?

The pros of the vest are portability, comfort, durability, and the extra load to add resistance during any physical activity. You can take the vest to any place you can think of and get a good workout done. There’s no excuse to say, “I need to go to the gym because I need weights.” If you have the vest, you don’t need the gym. Wearing the 20-pound vest provides enough resistance from performing compound calisthenics. The comfort and durability of the vest are the material fabric neoprene that has a smooth surface. Inside the fabric, the vest has sand to give it its weight, and the whole vest has sand in it. The company only provides 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 pounds of load on the vest. Maybe shortly, the company will add new weight to its vest collection, but for now, it’s what they offer.

How does the ProsourceFit Weight Vest measure up to other weight vests?

Prosourcefit Weight Vest
Prosourcefit Weight Vest
Prosourcefit Weight VestRunmax Weight Vest
Soft Neoprene FabricStrong Nylon Fabric
No Shoulder PadsShoulder Pads
No Weight BricksWeight Bricks
Item HolderItem Holder

I have two vests that equally weigh 20 pounds each. They’re great to wear during calisthenics, aerobics, or plyometric workouts. The difference is the look and the construction of both. Both vests have different fabrics that give them the durability to last. If I had to choose which vest would outlast the other, it would be the Runmax because the fabric’s tough. The ProsourceFit weight vest doesn’t have shoulder pads because it’s very comfortable on the shoulders to wear. The Runmax has shoulder pads to ease the weight that pulls down on the shoulders. The Runmax has weight bricks to insert on the pouches on the front and back sides of the torso. Another commonality is they have an item holder to carry keys or a phone when you’re using them. Overall, they serve the same purpose despite the minor difference in appearance and fabric.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

The vest is for anybody of any stature and size. You can adjust the straps by tightening or loosening them for your comfort. It’s a great vest for additional resistance to make your workouts more challenging. It’s robust for calisthenics, aerobics, and plyometrics. Remember, the vest is added weight on the torso, not to carry like handheld weights.

What types of exercises can you perform wearing the ProsourceFit Weighted Vest?

Thiers a ton of exercises you can do while wearing the weight vest. You can perform compound, aerobics, and plyometrics without restrictions on your movement. The most significant difference between wearing weights and handheld weights is mobility. The weight vest allows you to move anywhere, but handheld weights limit your mobility. Most of the time, you are in one spot with handheld weights. It’s not bad, but I have a preference, and that’s being mobile without restriction. I can run, jump, walk, and do pushups, pullups, or squats whenever I wear the vest. The weight vest is convenient for intense workouts at your home gym. Here’s an article I’ve done about weighted calisthenics.

In that article, you’ll find a variety of exercises you can do with the weighted vest. Everything from compound, isolation, plyometrics, and aerobics is there in that article to give you ideas for what you can do.


All of your Prososurcefit equipment will be shipped through FedEx.


The ProsourceFit weight vest has been a great use to me to challenge myself in my workouts. It’s portable, durable, comfortable, and easy to wear. I highly recommend this vest to you because It’s an addition to developing more power and strength. The extra weight added to the torso will transfer well onto developing robust relative strength. Your bodyweight strength will enable you to perform more reps and sets after wearing the vest. That’s the end of my review.

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