ProsourceFit Speed Rope Review: The Remarkable Jump To A Lean Body

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I enjoy the ProsourceFit speed rope because it’s an activity that helps elevate your heart rate and strengthens your heart. Aerobics is a continuous activity that works slow-twitch muscles for endurance. Not only does aerobics help maintain your heart so it can pump more blood and oxygen throughout the body, but it also helps with burning fat. This is because oxygen is required so the body can utilize glucose as a fuel source. Then when there’s no more glucose left for fuel, fat is the next energy source. The speed rope is an imperative part of having in your workout equipment to elevate your conditioning. Of course, there are other ways to perform aerobics, but jump roping only requires you to stay in one position throughout.

Strength and conditioning is the motto for developing the human body to its peak. It combines various types of exercise, like flexibility, resistance training, and aerobics. Of the three, I notice around the internet that many people hate aerobics but love resistance training. Why? I don’t know and don’t bother to care because I do my own thing. But if I had to guess, I would assume is because they care more about the aesthetics than the functionality of the human body. At the forefront of fitness in social media, aesthetics reign supreme to grab the attention of novices who want to get fit. Unfortunately, many fitness influencers use performance-enhancing drugs to look in a way that’s not naturally obtainable. This causes beginners to have low self-esteem because that’s what’s generally accepted to be considered fit.

What is a speed rope?

For the average person looking to increase their cardiovascular endurance, a speed rope helps. It is a thin layer of rope with two handles for jumping over the rope. As the name says, it is for increasing the speed of your tempo when using a speed rope. Many professional athletes use the speed rope to improve their performance for prolonged periods. A great example is boxers; they require a lot of endurance because a boxing match lasts almost an hour. With 12 rounds lasting 3 minutes and a 1-minute rest after each round. That’s very impressive, considering the average person can’t survive a few long periods because of a lack of cardio conditioning. With the speed rope, you’ll have fun elevating footwork, coordination, and cardio endurance. It takes time, but the value is terrific in the long run.

How long does it take to learn basic jump roping? I say it depends on the amount of time you put into learning. I say a week on average because it’s the most straightforward exercise. All you do is jump using the balls of your feet and move your wrist over a rope. Now, to learn how to perform other jump rope tricks, you must put in extra hours, just like learning the basic jump. These tricks take extra time to learn, but they can be learned in about a week or two if you put dedication into learning. The whole point of jumping rope is to improve cardiovascular endurance, balance, and coordination. Once you’ve improved on skipping rope for about three months, it will be second nature to you.

How do you use the ProsourceFit speed rope?

It would be best if you held the handles to hip height to use the speed rope correctly. Then you rotate your wrist clockwise to rotate the yarn over your body. When the string is about to hit your feet, jump with the balls of your feet. The balls of your feet are located just behind the toes. You’ll often encounter the issue with the string hitting the tip of your shoe when you begin learning how to use it. Believe me, it’s annoying, but it gets easier to use as you perform the exercise repeatedly. Once you’ve got a handle on the basic jump, the string won’t hit the tip of your shoe that often. Practice is the only way to improve on ensuring the string doesn’t hit the tip of the shoe.

Another factor in using the speed rope is the correct length for your body. Step in the middle of the rope with one foot. Then pull towards your chest. It should level evenly with your armpit. If the rope is not leveled, adjust the length by loosening the screw on the handles to lengthen or shorten. This is how you know the length is correct. Look at an article on static stretching before engaging in any physical activity. This article is to show you stretches to prevent you from underperforming and avoid tightness in the muscles.

Is the ProsourceFit speed rope of high quality?

Prosourcefit speed rope

The ProsourceFit speed rope is of high quality. It has a durable wire cable that makes speed jumping and other skipping tricks easy to perform with plenty of practice. The reason for its high quality is because of its flexibility and resistance to twisting and tangling. The cable wire is adjustable for people of different heights, and the handles are made of plastic. The rope itself is made of vinyl-coated steel rope. and it’s very light. The longest you can adjust the string is 10 feet. All you have to do is lose up the screw to adjust the length you want to adjust for your practice. I’ve been using the rope for a while, and it’s been durable for long use. I haven’t had any problem with the product, so I highly recommend giving this apparatus a go in your cardio training.

What are the pros and cons of the ProsourceFit speed rope?

The pros of the speed rope greatly outways the cons of the speed rope. The biggest pro about the speed rope is elevating your respiratory system; if you are consistent. The second pro is that it features lightweight plastic handles and a durable vinyl-coated steel rope. The third pro is mobility. You can take the speed rope anywhere because it’s light to carry. The fourth pro is it is an activity that improves your cardio. Delivering more blood and oxygen to the entire body does this. The only con is that it can be frustrating when you’re a beginner trying to jump rope. Why? Because when you are on the roll jumping, the string touches the tip of your front shoe. I’m being sincere here, it isn’t enjoyable, but you can overcome this with practice. When you’ve got a handle on this, you prevail.

How does the ProsourceFit speed rope measure up to other jump ropes?

Prosourcefit Speed Rope
Prosourcefit Speed RopeBeyond Fit Jump Rope
Handles are lightHandles are light
Lighter 10 foot long ropeThicker 9 foot long rope
Can adjust length of ropeCan't adjust length of rope

I’ve only had two different types of jump ropes. The first jump rope I had I bought at Walmart a few years ago. The jump rope is a great tool that I still use. The brand that created it is called Beyond Fit. The handles are light like the Prosource speed rope, but a significant difference is the rope itself. The jump rope is thicker, but it’s 9 feet long, and the Prosource speed rope is 10 feet long. When I use both of them, the feeling is a little different. When I rotate the Beyond Fit jump rope, I feel it bears some weight. I guess it has to do with the thickness of the string. When I turn the Prosource speed rope, I feel how light the yarn is. Another difference is that you can adjust the speed rope’s length, but not the Beyond Fit jump rope.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

The speed rope is for individuals looking to improve their physical conditioning through aerobics. The speed rope is one of the many aerobics that helps anyone of any height and weight. You can eliminate up to 200 or 300 calories in 15 minutes of continuous jumping over the rope. The speed rope is the answer if you are fat and want to eliminate fat. You don’t have to go out for a run; you can stay in one place and jump rope. If you only seek to improve overall cardio conditioning but do not involve a lot of resistance training, jumping rope is the way to go. Just a reminder, skipping rope alone can help burn calories, but if you want to optimize your chances of getting lean, you need to eat healthily. Eating healthy requires the right macros to be part of a healthy diet, along with fasting.


All of your Prosourcefit equipment will be shipped through FedEx.


The speed rope is one of the most incredible apparatuses for my home gym. Of course, I could perform other versions of aerobics, but the speed rope is a great way to exercise for cardio endurance. A great way I like to perform aerobics at home is in my backyard. I have plenty of space, and no one interrupts me while skipping rope. I’ve had my share of annoying moments with it when the string touches the tip of my front shoe, and I have to start over again. But I, like everyone else, must practice constantly to improve. That is the key to any endeavor one partakes in; you have to practice. Without practice, you’ll never progress toward a goal.

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