ProsourceFit Resistance Tubes Review: Great Resistance For The Body

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Welcome to my article review about the ProsourceFit resistance tubes. I’ll discuss the positives and negatives of the apparatus for your home gym. I’ve been using these resistance tubes for a while. I have to say “They are phenomenal.” You can use them both at home or the gym, but my preference is to use them at home. Nothing and no one is hogging up room space for me to exercise. I enjoy the coloring, the quality of the resistance bands, and every other material included. There are a lot of exercise techniques you can apply to tone and build muscle without relying on gravity. That’s the incredible part about these resistance bands. It’s the material of the bands itself that gives it its resistance and you can apply vertical and horizontal pulls. It’s not only an upper body focus, but the entire body. Let’s dive into this review.

What are resistance tubes?

Prosourcefit Resistance Tubes

These resistance bands are resistance tube handles because the bands have handles to mimic dumbbell handle exercises. An example would be doing a bicep curl with a dumbbell. The workout mimics the same motion you would do with the tube handles. Another apparatus the tube handles imitates is the cable machine. With the cable machine, you can perform resistance pulls in the vertical or horizontal plane. The same applies to resistance tube handles when a whole set includes a door anchor to imitate a cable machine. These resistance tube handles are an alternative to handheld weights and cable machines. It’s versatile to perform vertical and horizontal pulls when a door anchor allows this.

How do you use the ProsourceFit Resistance Tubes?

Prosourcefit Resistance Tubes
Prosourcefit Resistance Tubes
Prosourcefit Resistance Tubes

There are three ways to hold the handles with resistance band tubes. The first way to hold the handle is a neutral grip. The second way to grab the handles is a supine grip. The last way to grip the handles is to pronate.

Other ways

Prosourcefit Resistance Tubes
Prosourcefit Resistance Tubes
Prosourcefit Resistance Tubes

Positioning the resistance bands on the feet can be done in three ways. The first is widening the feet apart to increase the tension when pulling the resistance band. The second way is to close the feet together to elongate and lessen the tensity when pulling the resistance band. The last is placing the resistance band on one foot but attaching the hooks to one handle. Doing this increases the density of the resistance band when pulling.

Prosourcefit Resistance Tubes

The last way to position the resistance band is on the door anchor, either vertically or horizontally. Doing this will enable you to execute various exercises and mimic cable machine workouts. It’s pragmatic doing this because you don’t waste time and a lot of money on a yearly membership to exercise. You also gain the benefit of having more room space for your home gym without limiting room space.

Is the ProsourceFit Resistance Tubes of high quality?

Prosourcefit Resistance Tubes
Prosourcefit Resistance Tubes
Prosourcefit Resistance Tubes
Prosourcefit Resistance Tubes

The whole set is high quality to be used as many times as you want. I’ve used the resistance bands and the entire equipment for a while. I haven’t had any issues, such as the material tearing. First, the resistance bands are made of double-dipped, heavy-duty latex to ensure high performance. Second, the resistance bands have multiple colors and thicknesses to give them their density. Third, the whole set is for a full-body workout. The resistance bands target specific muscle groups through a full range of motion. Fourth, it includes two foam handles, a door anchor, two ankle cuff straps, and a carrying case. Fifth, the measurement of each band is 48 inches in length.

To care for the resistance bands, do not clean them with any cleaning product to avoid damaging the latex material. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Always store in a cool, dry place away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight.

What are the pros and cons of the ProsourceFit Resistance Tubes?

The pros of the resistance bands are versatility. You can perform a variety of exercises that mimic the same motions as dumbbell or cable machine exercises. With or without the door anchor, you can perform many movements without relying on gravity. The resistance bands set themselves apart from weight equipment for this very reason. The latex material is what gives them their density when stretching them. The coloring and thickness of the band will alert you of how easy or difficult the pull will be. To increase the labor, use multiple resistance bands to test out your strength. If you can’t handle multiple, just use one. Another pro is the expense because the entire set cost almost $30. Going to the gym yearly will cost you anywhere from $500 to $1000. I say a set of resistance bands is worth the cost than going to a gym.

The con about resistance bands is not having them included in your workout home equipment. The versatility of this apparatus is just too amazing not to have. The cost is minimal; it includes handles, a door anchor, and ankle straps. Another con includes purchasing two different sets. The first set comes with four color bands and the other three color bands. The four color bands have handles, a door anchor, and two ankle straps, which’re lighter. The three color bands include handles, and a door anchor, but not ankle straps, and their heavier. You’re going to have to purchase them separately.

How do the ProsourceFit Resistance Tubes measure up to other resistance bands?

Prosourcefit Resistance TubesProsourcefit Resistance Bands
Handles and ankle strapsNo handles and ankle straps
Great for compound exercisesGreat for compound exercises
Great for isolation exercisesGreat for isolation exercises
Door anchorNo door anchor

The resistance band tube handles and the resistance loop bands come from the same company. Both versions can apply the same compound and isolation exercises but differ in equipment. The tube handle involves handles, ankle straps, and a door anchor, but the loop bands don’t.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

The resistance bands are for any person of any height or weight looking to get into fitness. The benefits of using them include a full range of motion, pulling vertically and horizontally, toning, and building muscle. The equipment is lightweight and portable if you travel, which is beneficial if you have a hard time looking for a gym.

What kinds of exercises can you do with the ProsourceFit Resistance Tubes?

A variety of exercises can be done in the vertical and horizontal plane. The resistance bands don’t limit themselves to just the upper, but it involves the whole body. The freedom to explore different exercises for each area of the body is incredible. Compound and isolation exercises are options to choose from. Here’s an article I’ve done that illustrates exercises you can do with resistance band tubes. Look at an article on static stretching before engaging in any physical activity. This article is to show you stretches to prevent you from underperforming and avoid tightness in the muscles.


All of your ProsourceFit equipment will be shipped through FedEx.


The ProsourceFit resistance tubes are a great alternative to handheld weight lifting, and I can attest to that. They’re pragmatic to use because of the pricing, quality, portability, and list of exercises that can be done. I highly recommend these resistance tubes to incorporate them into your home gym. Here’s a red button that leads toward two bundle sets, one for light and the other for heavy.

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