ProsourceFit Pullup Bar Review: An Amazing Tool For Upper Body Strength

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Welcome to my article; I’ll discuss everything I need to tell about the ProsourceFit Pullup Bar. The pullup bar is integral in having the right tool to exercise the back. An indoor pullup bar is essential because of the multiple uses of hand grips. You can hold the bar in three ways; neutral, supinated, or pronated. A pull-up bar and a tree branch provide two ways to grip and pull, but an indoor bar includes three. I’ve used this pullup bar for years, and I’ve enjoyed using this without the need to go to the gym. Another reason why I like this indoor tool is to perform pushups and core exercises. It’s a versatile pullup bar; I highly recommend that you read my article review on this.

What is a pullup bar?

Prosourcefit Pullup Bar

A pull-up bar is a workout tool that can be put outdoors or indoors to exercise the back muscles. Pullup bars are found in specific parks that include various types of bars. There are low, mid, and high pullup bars for people of different heights. Unfortunately, not many parks have these in my city. Another alternative to finding bars to do pullups are monkey bars at most parks. If you can’t find any bars, look for a tree branch that can support your body weight. There aren’t any excuses; you can do pull-ups outdoors anytime without needing to go to the gym.

For indoors, a pullup bar varies in price from the average cost between $15 to $50. An indoor pullup bar is an essential tool for a home gym. The apparatus is handy when it’s cold outside because I despise the cold during winter. You can put all of your attention on performing the good quality technique on the indoor pullup bar. When you do, your back muscles especially the lats will begin to noticeably grow and give you that v taper. The v taper is the essence of what makes a man’s physique look masculine and powerful.

How do you use the ProsourceFit pullup bar?

Prosourcefit Pullup Bar
Prosourcefit Pullup Bar
Prosourcefit Pullup Bar

The purpose of the pullup bar is to perform three kinds of pullups. Various grips will activate different muscles in the arms. The first is the pronated grip pullup. The pronated grip holds onto the bar with your palms face down. When you do this, it automatically contracts the brachioradialis more than the biceps. The muscle is a superficial forearm muscle located in the medial side of the forearm. The second grip is the neutral grip, and the palm position is facing inwards. The grip activates the brachioradialis and the biceps when you pull yourself up simultaneously. The last pullup grip is the supinated pullup. The exercise involves the palms facing upward while gripping the bar. When you do a pullup with your palms supinated, you mostly activate the biceps more than the brachioradialis. These are the ways how you use the pullup bar by using different grips.

Other hand grips

The pull-up bar includes 2 additional hand grip placements to perform wide-gripped pullups. Those hand placements are the wide pronated and neutral grip pulls. An added grip placement is a bar behind the front bar where you perform regular pronated pullups.

Is the ProsourceFit pullup bar high quality?

Prosourcefit Pullup Bar
Prosourcefit Pullup Bar
Prosourcefit Pullup Bar

The quality of the pullup bar is enduring because I’ve been using it since 2017. Never did I experience anything that would break. Every screw and bolt is tightly secure. It’s been of good use for all these years and beyond. Now, the only problem is the cushioned pads do deteriorate over time. I decided to cut the padding where I did most of my pull-ups. Those areas are pronated and neutral grip you can see in the picture. Here are the other details of this tool. The pullup bar is versatile. You can perform pullups, pushups, leg raises, and knee raises. It includes seven handles for different grips when pushing and pulling. The bar material is steel. Measurements are 16″ Depth x 41 1/4″ W x 9″ H and can support 300 pounds.

What are the pros and cons of the ProsourceFit pullup bar?

Prosourcefit Pullup Bar

The pros of using the ProsourceFit pullup bar are the number of times you can use the bar. It can last you for use without needing to go to the gym. The material’s made of steel, and that’s why this tool has lasted. The pull-up bar provides me with the warmth I need during winter. I can stay indoors and exercise at home. There are two cons to the pullup bar. The first one is the padding does deteriorate after multiple uses. The constant friction will tear the padding eventually. The second is attaching the pull-up bar to the door frame. The bar’s hook length was long and the bar wasn’t able to connect to the door frame. I used two pieces of wood, nailed the pieces to the door frame, then the bar hooked on. I was able to use my pull-up bar.

How does the ProsourceFit pullup bar measure up to other pullup bars?

I wouldn’t know because I never bought another pullup bar. I’ve been using my pullup bar for a long time and I don’t need to buy another. However, I have seen other pullup bars on the market and like what other companies offer. Even though I can, I won’t buy another pullup bar. My pullup bar provides what I need. I can do pushups, pullups, and leg raises to strengthen my torso. I could perform pronated, supinated, and neutral grip pullups.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

The pull-up bar applies to anyone of different heights, but it’s got a limit. That limit involves the exceeded amount of weight the bar can handle. The heaviest the bar can handle is 300 pounds. If you’re over that weight limit, you’ll have to lose some weight. I recommend you change your diet to eating nutritious foods than bad ones. Second, you should be fasting to allow your body to get into ketosis. Ketosis is burning stored fat as an energy source after a 12-hour fast. The last thing to do is get enough sleep. A deep sleep produces growth hormones released from the brain’s pituitary gland. Growth hormone helps grow and repair the body. After losing some weight, then you can apply yourself to perform pull-ups.

What kinds of exercises can you do with the ProsourceFit pullup bar?

Besides performing various hand grip pullups, you can also apply other exercises while using the ProsourceFit pullup bar. You won’t be able to apply any kind of lower body exercises because that’s not what pullup bars are about. The apparatus is only meant to exercise the arms and the torso. Look at an article on static stretching before engaging in any physical activity. This article is to show you stretches to prevent you from underperforming and avoid tightness in the muscles.


Performing pullups on the Prosourcefit pullup bar is advantageous because you get the added addition to doing neutral grip pullups. When you do a pullup on a straight pull-up bar, you don’t get the chance to do neutral grip pullups. You can only do pronated and supinated grip pull-ups on a straight bar. By doing neutral grip pullups, you’re exercising the brachioradialis, biceps, posterior deltoids, teres major, traps and lats simultaneously. This is one reason why an indoor pullup bar with a neutral grip handle is better than a straight bar. Another reason why it’s awesome to have an indoor pullup bar is you can do pull-ups during the winter. During frigid temperatures, the indoor pullup bar is exceptional to exercise.


Performing pushups with the pullup bar is a great way to take away the stress from doing regular pushups on the floor. Regular pushups can cause a bit of stress on the wrist in an extension position. Pushups on the pullup bar keep the wrist from doing an extension. Doing pushups on the pullup bar is similar to doing a bench press with a barbell with weight plates. The difference is you are only using your body weight vs using weights. To develop the pecs well, perform high reps.

Leg Raises

The leg raise is a challenging exercise because you’re lifting the whole weight of the legs with the hip flexors. The hip flexors include the iliacus and the psoas that attach to the inner hips and lumbar vertebrates. The iliacus is attached to the inner hip and the front upper region of the femur. The psoas is attached to the lumbar vertebrates and the upper region of the femur. Now, to target the lower abdominal region, you must flex the lower vertebrates. Doing this will also target the middle and upper regions of the abdominals. Another way to elevate the tension in the abdominals is by performing an isometric hold. Perform an isometric hold when you lift the legs and hold as long as you can until the muscles give out.

Knee Raises

Similar to my explanation about the leg raise, the knee raise is similar to the leg raise, only it’s easier to do. Perform everything as explained in the leg raise paragraph and you’ll get similar results.

Why does the logo look different?

The reason why the logo looks different is that ProsourceFit changed its logo from Prosource to ProsourceFit back in 2018. The change happened because the company listened to feedback and decided to upgrade the logo’s look. Click here to see the proof. I guarantee you the pullup bar I show in this article is identical. It’s the same in design and material just like the current ones.


All of your ProsourceFit equipment will be shipped through FedEx.


The ProsourceFit pullup bar has been an excellent calisthenics tool for my home gym. I never have to leave home to exercise my back muscles, especially during the winter. The pull-up bar has lasted this long since I bought it in 2017 and will last for years. I guarantee the pullup bar will serve you well in developing and strengthening those back, chest, and abdominal muscles.

Please comment below. If you have any doubts or questions, please be specific about the questions you have that you want me to answer. I’ll answer them as soon as possible. Thanks.

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