ProsourceFit Gymnastic Rings Review: The Ultimate Apparatus

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People who enjoy bodybuilding love watching bodybuilding competitions, but I prefer watching gymnastic ring competitions during the Olympics. I like the gymnastic rings over any other calisthenics apparatus. It’s the most challenging and fun tool to develop extraordinary upper body and core strength skills. I am happy to have space outside my house to use my ProsourceFit Gymnastic Rings. I will master the gymnastic rings one day because many exercises can be done with these simple tools. Now that I have clarified my preferred tool for calisthenics training, let’s dive into this article.

What are ProsourceFit Gymnastic Rings?

Gymnastic rings look like rings. It’s a bodyweight exercise tool unlike any other, and it’s mainly an upper-body and core exercise tool. Gymnast specialists use these apparatuses to perform some of the most challenging poses in mid-air during the Olympics. You might ask yourself, “What’s so special about these rings, and why are they difficult to use”? What makes them unique is the straps provide instability when you perform movements by extending the elbows. The supination of the wrist while maintaining the body in mid-air is enough. Enough to make even the toughest bodybuilder respect the rings. Two materials produce gymnastic rings, and they are wood and plastic. The rings are 1.1 inches thick and have an inside diameter of 7.1 inches. Straps suspend them mounted 18.8 feet above the floor. The rings hang 8.2 feet above the ground and 19.7 inches apart. Let’s dive deeper.

How do you use ProsourceFit Gymnastic Rings?

As a beginner, when you use the ProsourceFit Gymnastic Rings, always practice the essential hold. It is the source of training for the mind and body connection. Your arms will begin shaking whenever you are in mid-air because the straps cause instability. To avoid this discomfort, you must grip tightly, lock your wrists, elbows, and shoulders, and slightly flex your hips. Doing this will make the body feel more stable and less shaking because you’re aligning yourself correctly. When you’ve practiced long enough, you can start to turn your wrist in a supine position. It’s the most challenging hold to stabilize, and it will take practice to hold this position. The straps come with a metal buckle to attach from coming off, so you don’t get hurt. Practice safety and patience before you hurt your pride.

Are the ProsourceFit Gymnastic Rings high quality?

Prosourcefit Gymnastics Rings
Prosourcefit Gymnastics Rings

The black rings are made of weather-resistant plastic. You can have them outside all year long; they won’t wear and tear and cause discoloration.

  • Measurements: Rings: 1.25″ diameter 
  • Straps: 17’L x 1.5″W  
  • Material: Nylon straps with metal buckle and rings are made of weather-resistant plastic
Prosourcefit Gymnastics Rings
Prosourcefit Gymnastics Rings

The other gymnastic ring from Prosourcefit is the wooden ring, and it provides a smooth feel because the surface is smooth. The unfortunate part about this is that you can’t leave them outside because they are not weatherproof. But you can weatherproof them by coating them with varnish wood. 

  • Measurements: Rings: 1.25″ diameter 
  • Straps: 17’L x 1.5″W
  • Material: Nylon straps with metal buckle; Wood rings

Ensure that your belts and anchor points are secure before a workout.

What are the pros and cons of ProsourceFit gymnastic rings?

The pros of gymnastics rings are the versatility of movements that allows a practitioner of this apparatus to advance. Advancements in relative strength will strengthen the tendons and ligaments over time. When this occurs, a ring practitioner can do magnifying compound exercises. Another pro is adjusting the height of the straps. You can lower one strap and have the other high to practice one-arm assistant pullups. It’s just an example. The wooden rings have a smooth surface for the palms. The buckles and straps are very safe and durable to handle body weight.
The cons of the rings are the instability beginners have to deal with because of the straps. The second is the black plastic ring’s surface isn’t smooth on the palms. The third is adjusting the height of the rings so one doesn’t feel higher or lower than the other.

How do the ProsourceFit Gymnastic Rings measure up to other gymnastic rings?

Prosourcefit Gymnastics Rings
Prosourcefit Gymnastic RingsGrey Gymnastic rings
Great for upper, core, and lower bodyGreat for upper, core, and lower body
Great for isometricsGreat for isometrics
Great for isolation exercisesGreat for isolation exercises
Wooden rings surface smooth and black rings surface rough for palmsGrey rings surface rough for palms

They measure up well with any other gymnastics ring on the market. The black and gray rings have the same surface feel, size, and look, except for the color. The grey rings are made of the same weather-resistant plastic material as the black ones. But the wooden rings feel much smoother on my palms than the black and the grey. I assume the wooden rings are the same as the others, but I’m not sure because these are the only ones I’ve ever had.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

The practice of gymnastic rings benefits every person, young and older. It’s a bodyweight training style, so anybody can pick up a pair of rings and exercise. I would be concerned for the elderly if they were lifting heavy handheld weights, but they’re not. With gymnastic rings, they can execute great bodyweight exercises. There are no excuses when it’s a pair of gymnastics rings. If a person wants to master the basics, that is fine. The basics are going to build up your body well. But it can also build your way toward performing advanced movements in the long run.

What types of exercises can you do with the ProsourceFit Gymnastic Rings?

You can do all sorts of upper body, core, and leg exercises. To get the most out of using the rings, understand the correct posture, technique, and use of different angles. This is to ensure your getting a great workout done with gymnastic rings. Look at an article on static stretching before engaging in any physical activity. This article is to show you stretches to prevent you from underperforming and avoid tightness in the muscles. Here’s another article you can look at to see a different amount of exercises you can do with gymnastic rings.


All of your ProsourceFit equipment will be shipped through FedEx.


The ProsourceFit gymnastic rings are my absolute favorite of all my calisthenics apparatuses because they’re the most fun and challenging. The same goes for the other rings given to me as a gift. Without the ProsourceFit gymnastic rings, it would feel empty if I didn’t include them in my arsenal. I can be mobile with them at home, in the park, forest, downtown, anywhere can be my gym. I don’t need to attend a gym to pay for a membership. It’s like asking permission to exercise. I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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