ProsourceFit Foam Roller Review: A Great Self-Massaging Foam Tool

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Welcome to my article review of the ProsourceFit foam roller. I’ll discuss the benefits of using this foam roller for everyday use. Using the roller day or night can be one of the most revitalizing practices. Doing this before a workout is a must to loosen up the muscles and after a workout. The best part is I don’t have to get a massage at a spa to loosen up my muscles. Another benefit of having a foam roller is you don’t have to pay $100s to receive a massage. You can do a self-massage at home or take the foam roller with you. This apparatus is a fantastic addition to my workout equipment whenever I need to relieve myself. Let’s get started.

What is the ProsourceFit Foam Roller?

The foam roller is a self-massage tool to help release muscle knots. Muscle knots are a band of clogged-up muscle tissue within a muscle that feels like a lump. These lumps cause pain because they’re tight and it often happens in the upper back or legs. It’s not just connective tissue, but nerves that bundle up together that cause discomfort. Every once in a while, I sometimes do develop muscle knots after I wake up. Muscle knots develop on my upper back. The cause of this has everything to do with how I sleep sometimes. Thank goodness I have a foam roller to alleviate these knots in my upper back when I wake up. The roller is more than just a therapeutic tool for the body to release knots. It’s an incredible tool to give yourself a massage and be self-reliant.

There’s a variety of foam rollers in the market that look different. Some rollers are big, thin, and small and have different designs. Smooth rollers provide a smooth roll on the soft tissues of the body. They are great for people who want a good massage to release stress and relax. Depending on the type of roller you get, textured rollers have ridges and knobs. They provide a more in-depth massage to locate muscle knots. The length of a roller varies from 4 inches to 36 inches. The diameter is usually between 5 and 6 inches. There are foam balls that allow you to locate muscle knots a little more precisely.

How do you use the ProsourceFit Foam Roller?

To correctly use the roller, you must lay your body weight on the roller on a soft surface. That surface can be a rug or an exercise mat. For example, to massage your hamstrings, put the roller underneath the muscle and roll back and forth with your body. Never roll over the joints because it can cause discomfort; the roller is to massage soft tissue.

Is the ProsourceFit Foam Roller high quality?

Prosourcefit Foam Roller
Prosourcefit Foam Roller

The roller material is made from EPP foam. Epp means expanded polypropylene. It’s a recyclable closed-cell molded foam. The material is dense, but light to carry. Click here to read about EPP and its process in construction. The roller is designed for loosening muscles and alleviating muscle knots before or after a workout. The company provides various sizes of black rollers from 12×6, 18×6, and 36×6. I’ve been using it for a year and it has served me really well to loosen up my muscles. When I loosen up my muscles, my whole body feels revitalized to perform any physical activity.

What are the pros and cons of the ProsourceFit Foam Roller?

The pros of the foam roller are being able to self-massage without going to a spa. You also save money from getting a massage too. Now, for practicality, you can travel with the foam roller because it’s light to carry. Its dense material doesn’t irritate the muscles when you glide on top of it. The smooth surface of the roller allows a smooth glide on the tissue and helps to relieve tightness. Another pro is you can use the roller to relieve muscle knots. The cons are none because I’ve been using this for a while. I haven’t had a complaint since it serves me well for loosening up my body to perform physical activities. The only real con about the foam roller is not having one.

How does the ProsourceFit Foam Roller measure up to other foam rollers?

The smooth surface of the foam roller is just like every other roller with the same design as other brands. The difference begins when you compare them to other types, like the ball or textured rollers with ridges and knobs. The roller I use is your base version providing a general feel-good massage and relieving muscle knots. Textured rollers are much more in-depth about getting deep into the tissue to remove tight muscle knots. The foam ball also provides in-depth muscle knot treatment to eliminate them. The ball doesn’t provide that feel-good massage because it’s not designed for that purpose. I can’t compare them because I’ve never used a foam ball or a textured roller. Explaining the difference I could do, but not how they feel from each other. I only used the smooth foam roller, not the others.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

The foam roller is meant to be used by anybody of any stature or size. Every person encounters discomfort in their muscles with tightness and knots. Athletes require them to perform at their peak, and regular folks use them for relaxation. That’s why foam rollers are guaranteed to be used by anybody looking to relieve themselves from stiffness.

What body parts can you massage with the ProsourceFit Foam Roller?

You can use the foam roller on any body part. To use it correctly, place the roller underneath the body part you want to massage. You use your body weight to add pressure on the muscle you’re treating by gliding over the roller. Another benefit to using the roller is warm-ups. Before you begin using the roller, do a few jumping jacks to get the blood flow going. Second, do stretches throughout the body to loosen up the muscles and tendons to prepare the body for a fantastic massage. Here’s a list of body parts I like to massage with the roller.

Upper Back

Placing the foam roller on the upper back will help elevate stiffness and loosen up the muscles. The vast majority of people experience knots in the muscles between the scapula and the vertebras. That muscle is usually the rhomboids that create the knots and it’s an inner muscle below the traps. Roll the foam roller up and down the traps and when you feel the compression on the knot, compress and hold for 15 seconds. Never roll below the traps because you’ll be compressing the vertebras and it is uncomfortable.

Lower Back

Never compress the lower back while the torso is facing the ceiling. Rolling on the vertebras is uncomfortable. The best way to massage the lower back is to turn sideways left and right to massage the lower erector spinae muscles.


Just like massaging the lower back, you turn sideways left and right to massage each glute. Never massage both glutes while the torso is facing the ceiling, it feels uncomfortable.


Rolling the foam roller on the quads feels good. Place your quad on top of the foam roller and roll. Never roll over the knee.


Similar to the quad, never roll over behind the knee.


Similar to the quads and the hamstrings, never roll over the back side of the knee.


All of your ProsourceFit equipment will be shipped through FedEx.


The ProsourceFit foam roller has been and will always be my go-to massaging tool to relieve my body. Right before a workout and after I use it to perform at my peak throughout the day. I highly recommend this apparatus to anyone who’s self-reliant and wants to ease the stiffness.

Please comment below. If you have any doubts or questions, please be specific about the questions you have that you want me to answer. I’ll answer them as soon as possible. Thanks.

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