Prosourcefit Ankle Weights Review: Best weights to lift your feet

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Prosourcefit Ankle Weights


I have nothing against weights because they provide extra resistance when performing calisthenics, especially to make you stronger. But I am a simple man who prefers to wear weights instead of handheld weights. I like the prosourcefit ankle weights because it’s pragmatic and easy to use for various activities. It also allows me to be mobile with them for running or bodyweight exercises. Now scroll down to check out my review on prosourcefit ankle weights.

What are ankle weights?

The ankle weights are designed to add weight to the ankles, an essential support base for movement. The added weight to the ankles allows you to perform plyometrics, compound, isolation, and isometric exercises more intensely. Why? Because gravity pulls you down a little more, just like if you were to hold a handheld weight. Another thing that makes ankle weights great is better stability on your base of support for specific exercises that indirectly help.

How do you use the Prosourcefit ankle weights?

Prosourcefit Ankle Weights
Prosourcefit Ankle Weights
Prosourcefit Ankle Weights

To properly use the ankle weights, you must wrap the nylon straps around your ankle. Put the belt through the metal ring, and you’re ready to use them. You can use them for plyometrics, compound, isolation, isometric exercises, and better stability.

Are the Prosourcefit ankle weights high quality?

Prosourcefit Ankle Weights

In my opinion, they are a great product to wear. The ankle weights are of the best quality because it’s fabricated with soft neoprene material. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber. It has adjustable velcro straps for a secure fit when using the ankle straps to insert them through the metal ring. Inside the ankle weights, there’s sand to give them their weight. It’s great to wear them for more resistance pressure to lift extra weights from the base of support, which happens to be the feet.

What are the pros and cons of the Prosourcefit ankle weights?

Anytime you exercise with weights, gravity is constantly pulling down. The pros include a fantastic workout doing vertical movements with ankle weights. A great example is doing a vertical pushup, an excellent exercise when wearing ankle weights. Or another would be jumping squats. The cons are that the ankle weights can’t provide the same effect as some exercises.

An example would be the horizontal pushup; you only use your torso’s weight to provide pressure. The extra weight provided by the ankle weights does not affect the horizontal pushup. Another would be the squat. Sure, your support base allows better stability, but the effect of squatting is provided only with the weight of the torso, arms, and head.

How do the Prosourcefit ankle weights measure up to other ankle weights?

Prosourcefit Ankle Weights
Prosourcefit Ankle WeightsGold's Gym Ankle Weights
One strapTwo Straps
No pouchesPouches
Comfortable neoprene fabricComfortable neoprene fabric
2 pounds easy hip isometrics10 pounds hard hip isometrics

The prosurcefit ankle weights are great because there are no pouches to add weights. Another great thing about the ankle weights is the fabric is made from comfortable neoprene to prevent excess sweat and slipping. The sand is inside the material, sealed so nothing will come off, and the weight remains intact. The other ankle weights that you see are Gold’s Gym ankle weights. I have to say I don’t like them because, over time, the pouches have weights inside that would eventually rip. The sand will come out when it tears, so I had to tape them. They weigh 10 pounds each, whereas the Prosource ankle weights weigh 2 pounds each. I felt better wearing 2 pounds vs. 10 pounds. It’s just a little harder to perform hip exercises with 10 pounds than wearing 2 pounds on each ankle.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

The ankle weights are for anyone looking to get a great workout done. You can do plyometrics, isometrics, isolation, or compound movements, regardless of height or weight.

What kinds of exercises can you do with the Prosourcefit ankle weights?

Gravity will provide the resistance necessary for muscle engagement in any exercise involving lifting your body weight from the floor vertically. If you wear ankle weights, you’ll be provided more weight on the support base so that gravity can pull you even more. I say this is advantageous to do because more tension is built. Here are my favorite exercises to perform with ankle weights. Look at an article on static stretching before engaging in any physical activity. This article is to show you stretches to prevent you from underperforming and avoid tightness in the muscles.

Vertical Pullups

Prosourcefit Ankle Weights
Prosourcefit Ankle Weights

Pulling the entire body weight off the floor and resisting gravity is the most challenging upper-body strength training. Much of the exercise involves increasing the strength and growing the lats. Other muscles involved in the action include the forearms, biceps, posterior deltoid, rotator cuffs, and lower trapezius. Wear the ankle weights to add more tension to the exercise so gravity pulls you down even more.

Vertical Pushups

Prosourcefit Ankle Weights
Prosourcefit Ankle Weights

Pushing vertically by doing the correct technique will not just benefit the triceps, anterior deltoids, and pecs. The abdominals participate in the motion because the abs stabilize the upper and lower body. Wear ankle weights to make the exercise harder. To correctly perform the movement, lean the torso at a 45-degree angle when you go down. Flex your knees and then push yourself up.

Leg Raises

Prosourcefit Ankle Weights
Prosourcefit Ankle Weights

The exercise looks like you’re doing an L shape when the torso is straight, and the hips flex. When you flex the hips to perform leg raises, you have to raise the legs in a horizontal plane. Then lower the legs by extending the hips back into the starting position. Wear ankle weights to make the exercise more challenging and perform the motion. The lower abdominals and hip flexors will receive great tension from performing the leg raise. The quads are also engaged isometrically because knee extension contracts the anterior muscles of the leg. Don’t flex and extend the knees; you’ll not perform the exercise correctly.

Knee Raises

Prosourcefit Ankle Weights
Prosourcefit Ankle Weights

This version of the exercise is similar to the leg raise, except your excluding the lower legs. Why? Because the exercise becomes a lot easier without the weight of the lower legs extended. All you have to do is flex your knees, straighten your torso, then flex the hips to raise the knees high. This will enable you to get a fantastic core workout. Wear ankle weights to add more tension to the motion.

Jumping Squats

Prosourcefit Ankle Weights
Prosourcefit Ankle Weights

Plyometrics is about jumping and developing power in the lower body. There are various ways you can perform by jumping differently. One of those is the high jump. You have to squat down and extend your arms. Perform plantar flexion from the calves to develop power when jumping. Wear ankle weights to make jumping squats more challenging.

Hip Isometrics

The hip muscles include the upper half of the rectus femoris, glutes, and tensor fascia lata. For the rectus femoris, flex your hip, and you’ll feel tension on the upper half of the muscle. Performing hip abduction will target the tensor fascia lata and the gluteus medius and minimus. The hip extension involves the gluteus maximus and the upper half of the hamstrings. Unfortunately, doing hip adduction will not create tension. When you bring the leg back to the centerline, tension is lost on the adductors. Wear ankle weights to increase tension on all static hip movements.



I’m glad to have ankle weights with a straightforward design that allows me to do various exercises. I believe it’s an excellent addition for anyone who prefers to work out from home. With every activity I’ve shown, I think you should get a per of ankle weights. You’ll reap the benefits after using the ankle weights.

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