ProsourceFit Ab Wheel Review: A Spectacular Roller To Develop Abs

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I never thought a baker would inspire me to perform an abdominal exercise with a rolling object. I watched the baker roll his arms, flexing and extending his elbows. Then I thought, what if the rolling motion can apply to stretching and flexing the core? So I searched the internet for a tremendous abdominal tool that could deliver the results I was looking for. I found the ProsourceFit Ab Wheel on the Prosourcefit website. I have an insight into this tool about how it works, the feel, and the look. I’m content to have a fantastic apparatus for my home gym whenever I exercise my core. Continue reading for more information on this tremendous workout tool for your home gym.

What is the ab wheel?

The ab wheel is an abdominal workout apparatus that’s primary focus is abdominal strengthening. As the name says, it’s a wheel with one single steel pipe with cushioned handles for a comfortable grip. Since the ab wheel is mobile and lightweight, it can apply for indoor or outdoor workouts. Any time of the day or night is an excellent option for ab exercises with the ab wheel. There are no excuses if you have this workout tool to work on your core strength at home.

How do you use the ProsourceFit Ab Wheel?

To properly use the ab wheel, you must place both knees on the floor and grip both ends. I suggest you place a soft cover for the knees because the floor is quite dense and hurts. Now, executing the ab roll is no easy task. You must stretch out the abdominals once you extend to a 180-degree angle. On your way back to the starting point, grip the handles tight and flex your abdominals. Also, you must keep a tight core throughout, extending and flexing the body with the ab wheel. If you don’t, the engagement won’t be as effective.

Is the ProsourceFit Ab Wheel of high quality?

Prosourcefit Ab Wheel
Prosourcefit Ab Wheel
Prosourcefit Ab Wheel

The apparatus is the highest quality I have ever had for an abdominal workout tool. The ab wheel has a sensational feel when rolling back and forth. The wheel is made of solid plastic and has thick, non-slip rubber for stability. The single metal tube handle is durable; it has two soft pad handles and is cushioned for a comfortable grip. The wheel is easy to assemble. It has a gap in the middle for the metal tube to go through. The last thing you have to do is slip on the soft pad handles, and you are good to use the ab wheel.

What are the pros and cons of the ProsourceFit Ab Wheel?

The pros of the ab wheel are its construction and easy usage. The entire apparatus has an excellent indoor and outdoor exercise design and is easy to use. The cushion pads on the metal handles are very comfortable for gripping. The wheel itself has a thick, non-slip rubber wheel for stability. The con about the ab wheel is it can be difficult for a novice. If you are a newbie, try to roll out slowly, and don’t overextend your body. Take it slow, and eventually, you’ll be able to roll out and back to position. The reason you want to start slow is to prevent an injury.

How does the ProsourceFit Ab Wheel measure up to other ab wheels?

Prosourcefit Ab Wheel
Prosourcefit Ab WheelOther Ab Wheel
Easy to assembleEasy to assemble
Smooth RollRough Roll
Wheel and handles are paddedWheel and handles aren't padded

The ProsourceFit Ab Wheel is a much better core tool than any other ab wheel. It’s straightforward to assemble because the wheel has a gap where the steel tube can slip in. The ab wheel has a thick, non-slip rubber wheel for stability. It has cushion handles for a comfortable grip when rolling in and out. Compared to other ab wheels, many have two wheels, no cushion handles, and no non-slip rubber wheel for stability. But they are all easy to assemble because they all have a gap where you can slip a metal tube. These reasons are why the ProsourceFit Ab Wheel is superior to other ab wheels.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

different body types

The wheel is for every person looking to get into fitness, especially to define the abdominals and obliques. The ProsourceFit Ab Wheel is meant to last a lifetime, so you can focus on defining your core. The problem occurs with people who are overweight; they need to focus more on changing their diet. The second correction for overweight individuals is fasting. Fasting helps reduce the amount of body fat by entering into ketosis after an 8 to 12-hour fast. They also need 7 to 8 hours of sleep to produce growth hormones. The hormone is responsible for the development of strong bones and muscles. Once an overweight person drops a certain amount of body fat, they can start focusing on strengthening their abdominals.

What types of exercises can you do with the ProsourceFit Ab Wheel?

There are only two exercises you can do with the ab wheel. They’re very effective in engaging the core muscles. Remember that performing a full range of motion will stretch and contract the abdominal wall correctly. Look at an article on static stretching before engaging in any physical activity. This article is to show you stretches to prevent you from underperforming and avoid tightness in the muscles.

Ab Roll Crunch

The ab roll crunch is the standard for developing fantastic abs and obliques. The motion doesn’t only target abdominals and obliques but other muscles as well. Those muscles are 

  • Triceps
  • Deltoids
  • Abs
  • Obliques

As you can see in these photos, I’m performing a full range of motion to stretch and contract the core.

Ab Roll Oblique Crunch

Like the ab roll crunch, the ab roll oblique crunch works more specifically on the obliques. With this exercise, you must change direction by rolling to the left or right and then rolling back into position. It’s that simple.

Muscles exercised are

  • Triceps
  • Deltoids
  • Abdominals
  • Obliques


All of your ProsourceFit equipment will be shipped through FedEx.


I’m very much content with the Ab Wheel from ProsourceFit. It’s an ab wheel with quality to make it a lifelong usage. I enjoy the indoor workouts with the ab wheel the most. Hardwood floor gives the sensation of a smooth transitional roll, a great workout. All thanks to the ab wheel with a thick, non-slip rubber wheel for stability and its cushion handles for a comfortable grip.

Please comment below. If you have any doubts or questions, please be specific about the questions you have that you want me to answer. I’ll answer them as soon as possible. Thanks.

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