Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap Review: The Nordic Way Of Strengthening

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In this article, I’ll explain the benefits of having a Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap in your arsenal for home use. The apparatus contributes to the development of solid hamstrings. Not only does this robust apparatus allow strong hamstring development, but you can also exercise other muscles. Those muscles are the posterior chain and core. With this fantastic tool, I say it’s a big win to strengthen other body areas, not just the hamstrings. Let’s dive into this.

What is the Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap?

Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap

The Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap is an apparatus for indoor use. The tool has a strap and an anchor attached to hook onto the door. Thiers soft padding for the ankles to anchor to when exercising. It’s great to have a tool for home use without going to the gym. This tool involves exercises that enable strengthening and muscle growth for various muscles. Not only do the hamstrings get attention, but so do the posterior chain and core. A physical therapist and strength coach invented the tool, according to the Nordstick website. Unfortunately, not much info is shown about the person who invented this apparatus on their website.

Nordic Curl

Where did the exercise come from, and when did it start? You might be wondering. The exercise started in the 1860s, and George Herbert Taylor was a physician based in New York. He wrote a book called Exposition of the Swedish Movement Cure. This book has a drawing showing a man performing the exercise on a firm object. The book also offers a detailed explanation of that period in the exercise.

How do you use the Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap?

Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap
Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap

Thiers an anchor attached to the strap to hook onto a door. The tool has soft padding to place the ankles when exercising. Changing the strap length is optional for shortening or lengthening it according to your comfort. To properly use, place your knees on a soft rug or towel to ease the agony. Put the soft pads on top of your ankles. Once you are in place, begin leaning your torso forward. Your knees should flex the lower legs by lifting them while the pads press down on the ankles from flexing. The feet should also press on the door as well. This ensures firmness from falling off the pads and performing the exercise correctly. You should also put your hands in front of you so you won’t fall forward on your face.

Is the Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap high quality?

Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap
Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap

The apparatus is high quality. The strap is firm so that it won’t rip off after multiple uses. It includes a lengthened piece to adjust the length of the strap. Including a door anchor is excellent; the material is dense and made of rubber. The pads are thick to comfort the ankles when you are in a pronated or supinated position.

What are the pros and cons of the Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap?

The pros of the apparatus are that the entire product is made durable to last. It’s safe to use, and you can do three exercises. The cons are you need an exercise ball to perform 2 of the 3 exercises you can do with this tool.

How does the Nordstick Nordic curl strap measure up to other Nordic curl straps?

I can’t compare the Nordstick and other Nordic curl straps. The Nordstick is the only Nordic curl strap I bought because it ranked four in half-stars. I can only say that this product is splendid and does precisely what I need. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

body types

It’s meant for anyone looking to strengthen and develop the hamstrings, regardless of body type and height. Also, it doesn’t matter how much you weigh, it’s very hard to lift the torso up with just your hamstrings.

What types of exercises can you do with the Nordstick Nordic curl strap?

As I mentioned, you can do three exercises with this unique apparatus. The exercises include reverse hamstring (nordic curls), back extensions, and situps. I will mention what is happening to the hamstrings during the exercise. Look at an article on static stretching before engaging in any physical activity. This article is to show you stretches to prevent you from underperforming and avoid tightness in the muscles.


Why is this exercise simultaneously eccentric and isometric? Because when you are leaning forward, the bottom half of the hamstrings elongates. While the upper part of the muscle is in a static hold, forcing the muscle to tighten. Why does the upper muscle tighten? Because it supports all the torso’s weight before giving out when you’re leaning forward. You also need to keep the posterior chain straight because it straightens the hamstrings. Keeping the hamstrings straight allows for a better static hold on the upper half of the muscle. The tension on the upper half of the hamstrings transfers to the lower half quickly, making the entire muscle tighten.


The next goal is to perform a reverse hamstring curl. This is done by lifting the torso from a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree angle. You must activate the entire hamstrings to lift the torso’s weight and flex the knee facing the floor. This isn’t easy to do. It takes a while to have the ability to contract the entire hamstring at a 180-degree angle. The 45-degree angle is an easier way to curl the torso back up. There are ways to get assistance to raise the torso and strengthen the hamstrings by doing a reverse curl. Doing this takes away some of the weight. You can use an exercise ball to help bring the torso up and curl the muscles. Another assistant to bring the torso up is using loop resistance bands.

Back Extension

Performing the exercise on the exercise ball is ideal since the ball allows the body to perform a full range of motion. The only issue is the ankles need an anchor to maintain stability and the Nordstick provides that stability.


A crunch can be performed on the floor. A crunch on the floor is good only if you have a soft rug or towel placed around the sacrum and coccyx. This is to ease the agony in that area.


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Overall, I’m very glad to have the Nordstick Nordic Curl Strap. This apparatus is included in my tool kit for my calisthenics exercises. The Nordstick is very durable, and it’s meant to last for years.

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