John Romero

Hello, I’m John Romero

  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Mestizo (Mexican)
  • Body type: Ectomorph
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: 135 pounds
  • BMI (body mass index): 21.79
  • BMR (basal metabolic rate): 1589 kilocalories
  • Body fat: 14.08% (body carries 9.58 pounds of fat) (125.42 pounds of lean body mass)
  • Waist-to-hip ratio: 0.94 (low risk of health problems)
  • Waist-to-height percentage: 45.45% (healthy)

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Quarter life

Yes, I’m in my thirties and don’t feel old, but I understand what every person goes through at this stage. Have you accomplished many things in your 20s, or have you yet to do them? That’s the quarter-life crisis that every person goes through in their 30s. It’s a period when you rethink what you’ve done so far in life during your youth. If you are in your 30s, this is the perfect opportunity to accomplish a goal and revitalize your life by starting something new.

This website is my latest endeavor to share value with the world. I want to inspire others to take action through exercise. Why? Because many people on this blue planet are out of shape or insecure and want to look and feel better. I’m not about aesthetics; I’m more pragmatic about functional strength and conditioning. Of course, you reap the reward by developing an aesthetic body through strength and conditioning.

A Brief Understanding

John Romero

First, John Romero looked like your average person who didn’t consider working out imperative. I wore loose t-shirts in XXL and used to wear 36-inch waist baggy jeans to hide my shame. I felt disgusted with myself and had no motive to elevate myself physically. In my teenage years, I wasn’t surrounded by fitness enthusiasts. If I had been surrounded by fitness enthusiasts, my journey would’ve been much earlier. Unfortunately, most kids I went to school with lacked any drive to become fit. Eating junk food became a bit of a disaster, but I never reached the point where I was utterly a couch potato. The heaviest I ever weighed was 170 pounds. I had a round face and a round body. I was this way throughout my teens but slowly shifted toward health and fitness once I left high school.

A time for change

Before I discovered the art of calisthenics, I started my physical transformation by changing my liquid consumption and eating habits in 2008. My curiosity got me thinking about why Asians were thin and more nourishing, and the reason was their lifestyle. Researching on the internet about losing weight led me to drink and eat healthier. Consuming green tea led to weight loss because of this chemical compound called catechins. I abandoned high sugared beverages and ate more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. I never quit eating meat because I enjoy its texture and flavor. It’s also a valuable source of protein with amino acids to build muscle. Once I began doing this, I lost weight by reducing body fat. I noticed my face taking shape by developing my jawline, and my body appeared leaner.

Not only did I reduce fat, but I also reduced and threw away old baggy clothes I’d worn for years. I don’t know precisely how long it took me to see these physical changes. I never thought about writing my stats and keeping track of the entire process through video and photos. Just doing this was more important than keeping a record of everything I was doing at that time. I guarantee that the process of losing weight and building muscle naturally is doing a couple of things. A healthy diet, resistance, aerobics, fasting, and sleep.

Discovering calisthenics

Then, somewhere around 2013, there was the last process, I wanted to exercise and build lean muscles. Why? Because I wanted to look fit, feel physically more robust, and be attractive to women. These are the main reasons I started exercising, but why calisthenics? Calisthenics is a unique form of building a lean body that doesn’t require expensive, heavy, massive equipment. Your primary tool is the body itself because it has a built-in mechanism to enable movements resembling weight lifting. An example is a pull-up vs. a pulldown.

Both actions have the same body mechanics to execute, but they are different. For a pulldown, you are required to have a pulldown machine. The machine is enormous and heavy and takes away a lot of space. You have to sit and remain stationary. If you can’t have one at home, you must go to a gym to perform pulldowns. Conversely, a pullup requires a simple pullup bar, gymnastic rings, or a tree branch. These tools can be easily installed at home or find a tree branch and do pullups. The uniqueness of the pullup is that there are various pullup techniques. This is the best part because you’re not limited to doing only one version and remain stationary.

Never again

After several years of doing this, I still have much to learn about calisthenics. I’ve only mastered the first level of calisthenics, and now I’m learning level 2. There’s level 3, which is much more complex than level 2, and I plan on mastering it one day. Level 1 in calisthenics is about the basics, such as pushups, pullups, situps, back extensions, squats, and calve raises. Level 2 is about isometrics. Isometrics is a type of exercise you perform a static hold in different positions. The first level in isometrics is a squat hold, but level 2 gets harder. Level 2 involves the body being in mid-air, where the torso is hanging horizontally at a 180-degree angle. Level 3 is the hardest because you combine isometric holds into a compound motion like the L-sit handstand pushup. I’ll never again go back to being a chubby person again.

Is John Romero natural or on the juice?


I’m 100% natural. I would never take anabolic steroids for these reasons.

  • Small Gonads
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Uncontrollable Rage
  • Disgusting and Painful Acne
  • Blood Clots
  • Balding
  • Ruptured Tendons
  • Liver Cancer

Sadly, too many deaths have occurred throughout the decades that followed since the invention of anabolic steroids. Many men seek to look abnormally huge, like fictional superhero characters. Unfortunately, this is unsustainable because the human body has a limit to being able to grow the muscles naturally. By being natural, I aim to remain lean, like a welterweight boxer, throughout my life.

Why did John Romero choose a home gym over a gym?

First, I’m introverted, and a home gym is relative to how I love to exercise. The apparatuses you see in the photo are what I prefer to use for my home gym. Second, going to the gym doesn’t make sense to leave the house and pay for a membership to exercise. This is the case if you live in the northern regions of the U.S., like the Northeast, Midwest, or Northwest. These regions have the most prolonged cold periods, and I prefer working out at home. Third, calisthenics is free, and you can work out anywhere you want. Fifth, calisthenics is relative strength. It means you rely solely on your body weight to exercise. There’s an exemption to this by having a few tools at home to help elevate the learning curve. Sixth, I asked myself, “What am I exercising for” My answer is functionality.

How long has John Romero been practicing calisthenics?

I John Romero has been practicing calisthenics for almost a decade. Most of the time, it was on and off, but what was consistent was my diet. I was only interested in performing basic movements that didn’t require much equipment initially. Activities like pushup, pullup, leg raise, squats, and calve raises were enough for me to execute and develop. It was back in 2020 that I started to get serious about fully understanding calisthenics and how I can improve my performance. Second, I was always amazed by a boxer’s physical development in the lightweight and welterweight divisions. The fighters in these weight divisions resemble my height, body mass, and how I can develop muscle mass like them. Generally, they weigh between 135 to 150 and they are usually between 5ft 5 inches to 5ft 8 inches.

For whom does this website benefit?

This website benefits anybody looking to get into physical shape and feel inspired. It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, skinny, fat, tall, short, man or woman. We all have the same number of joints, bones, and muscles to perform every exercise known to humankind. We all also benefit from the same results to varying degrees based on having a healthy diet. Not only do diet and exercise help to shape our bodies, but so do sleeping and fasting. All this will determine how much dedication you’re willing to put in to help elevate your overall well-being.

John Romero advicing on staying on course.

Fitness helps slow down the mileage the body goes through as it ages. The individual must be a disciplined person to maintain. When you are a novice, you are going to fall off the wagon before finishing the race. Human beings are inherently lazy and prefer comfort over discomfort. To stay on course, you must revoke certain things, people, or addictions from your life. Drugs, fast food, and porn are indicators of things to avoid since science has proven that they are an addiction. The people in your life could be hindering your purpose. Friends, family, or strangers can indirectly stop you from achieving your fitness goals. Examples of this could be excessive partying, eating the wrong foods, or having unsafe sex. It would be best if you severed all ties to temptations and the wrong people to be the best version of yourself.


I swear I’ll be honest about everything I type on this website. I want to reach out, help, and inspire enthusiastic individuals who want to better their lifestyle through fitness. Therefore, there won’t be any bullshit because there are consequences to misleading people; for this reason, there’s no reason to mislead people. Here’s an article to introduce you to calisthenics.

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