Hawk Sports Neck Harness Review: Strong Neck Equals Great Posture

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My favorite sport is boxing. Not only do boxers have well-conditioned bodies, but they also have strong necks. They must have strong necks to withstand punches to the face so they won’t quickly get punched out. I’ve always wondered what type of exercise boxers do to have solid necks. I remember watching a workout video of Floyd Mayweather using a neck harness to strengthen and condition his neck. I was completely sold on buying the Hawk Sports neck harness because I wanted the correct posture and a solid neck. So I bought it, and I saw great results in having a better posture. I don’t care about any other sport because boxing is exciting. It’s about two men beating each other and proving who is more macho.

What is a neck harness?

The neck harness is a neck exercise tool that helps to develop and strengthen your back neck muscles. The neck harness has a 30-inch chain, so you can add weighted plates to do neck extensions. A team explicitly made the Hawk Sports neck harness for powerlifters and strong men who have considered all the requisite and complications of neck strengthening equipment for athletes while designing this harness for weight lifting. As a user of this product, I have to say that this tool is well-made for developing strong neck muscles.

How do you wear the Hawk Sports neck harness?

Thanks to the adjustable hook and loop velcro head strap and neck strap, the neck harness will fit everyone regardless of their head size. Thanks to the adjustable hook and loop velcro head strap & neck strap. To use the neck harness correctly, you have to open the straps. One is for the head to wrap around, and the bottom is for the chin. The neck harness includes a 30-inch chain to add weighted plates for your neck exercise. Once you adjust the neck harness, you can start exercising your neck muscles.

Is the Hawk Sports neck harness high quality?

Hawksport Neck Harness

The neck harness is high quality. It’s made from the highest quality neoprene padding head harness for neck support, neck workout, and neck strengthening. Besides the quality of the material, the neck harness also includes a 30-inch chain to which you can add weighted plates. Another added benefit of the neck harness is it has heavy-duty stitching. Making this great apparatus a lifetime use. I’ve been using this for almost a year, and the product hasn’t ripped because it’s designed with the highest quality.

What are the pros and cons of the Hawk Sports neck harness?

The pros certainly outweigh the cons of using the neck harness. The biggest pro is developing a solid neck and having a correct posture. Another pro is the design and quality of the material that guarantees lifelong usage. The con about the neck harness is not using it and not having a weighted object included.

How does the Hawk Sports neck harness measure up to other neck harnesses?

The Hawk Sports neck harness is the only neck harness I ever bought. I can’t objectively say if the Hawk Sports neck harness is better or worse than any other. What I can say objectively is the neck harness is fantastic. My reasons are the design, double stitching, 30-inch chain, and neoprene padding head harness for neck support. The logo is excellent.

Who is it geared towards in the long run?

The neck harness is for everyone; anyone can use it regardless of height, weight, or gender. Using the neck harness is to strengthen the neck and correct posture. If you are into combat sports, you should perform neck extension. This is because if you receive a hit to the face, you’ll be able to withstand the blow. You’ll be less likely to get knocked out.

What exercise can you do with the Hawk Sports neck harness?

The only exercise you could do with the neck harness is neck extension. It’s specifically designed for the neck muscles behind the neck. Now, I use a 10-pound weighted plate and a 5-pound weighted plate. I’m not a big guy since I’m only 5 feet 6 inches tall and weigh around the 135-pound range. If I were a bigger guy, I would lift heavier-weighted plates with my neck. Fifteen pounds is sufficient enough for me to work my neck muscles. Look at an article on static stretching before engaging in any physical activity. This article is to show you stretches to prevent you from underperforming and avoid tightness in the muscles.

Athletes who use the neck harness

Various athletes use the neck harness to prevent neck injury because sports involve physical impact. Athletes like football players need to have strong necks when tackling each other. Fighters are also subject to head injuries because of the punishment they receive from all those strikes to the face. They must have strong necks to prevent substantial impacts that could damage their lives in the long run.



I enjoy using my neck harness because it strengthens my neck and correlates with a strong posture. I don’t plan on paying for another neck harness because the solidity of the Hawk Sports is solid. The neck harness will last me for years to come.

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