John Romero

Calisthenics Parkour Training: The eclectic way of athleticism

Intro Running, jumping, climbing, crawling, balancing, vaulting, and rolling are the fundamentals of movement in parkour. But without proper body strength, your body will lack the physical strength to perform demanding actions. Calisthenics benefits parkour training by training your body in free space with both disciplines. On the one hand, calisthenics is about strengthening muscles, […]

Gymnastic Rings Exercises: The best exercises on the rings

Intro What is relative strength? Calisthenics is the most incredible art form of building the human body based on relative strength. This means the resistance is provided only by the body’s weight. Most of the time, you don’t have to rely on any equipment to develop a lean physique with calisthenics. You only need a […]

Prosourcefit Ankle Weights Review: Best weights to lift your feet

Intro I have nothing against weights because they provide extra resistance when performing calisthenics, especially to make you stronger. But I am a simple man who prefers to wear weights instead of handheld weights. I like the prosourcefit ankle weights because it’s pragmatic and easy to use for various activities. It also allows me to […]

Prosourcefit Gymnastics Rings Review: The ultimate apparatus

Intro People who enjoy bodybuilding love watching bodybuilding competitions, but I prefer watching gymnastic ring competitions during the Olympics. I like the gymnastic rings over any other calisthenics apparatus. It’s the most challenging and fun tool to develop extraordinary upper body and core strength skills. I am happy to have space outside my house to […]

Prosourcefit Parallel Bars Review: A stunning tool for home use

Intro Welcome to my article, where I’ll review the prosourcefit parallel bars. This review describes parallel bars and how they can benefit indoor or outdoor workouts. The parallel bar is imperative for bodyweight exercises to learn the basics as the foundation. It’s fantastic for building a great body. Why? Because I use them a lot […]

Prosourcefit Loop Resistance Bands Review: An astonishing alternative

Intro The truth about calisthenics is that isolation and isometrics are challenging. The reason is that bodyweight isolation doesn’t always provide enough tension when performing the classical 8 to 12 rep range. More reps are required to start feeling tired until you can’t do any more reps. Isometrics challenges the body to remain stationary for […]

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