Welcome to my website, ladies and gentlemen. My name is John Romero, and I’ll be your guide throughout my blog. The objective is to distribute fact-based information backed by science and my personal experiences in my articles. This blog is meant to inspire those interested in calisthenics and take action to develop a lean, healthy body. Not only is building a lean body a top priority but so are the skills to understand how to perform them. Even though calisthenics might seem easy, the art form isn’t when you investigate how much variety there is. Calisthenics is unique because you are not restricted by needing to attend a facility and pay a membership. You also don’t rely on external, heavy, gargantuan, expensive equipment to develop a lean body. You mostly rely on your own body with a few simple, humble pieces of equipment to get a full-body workout.

Not only do I specialize in calisthenics, but I also specialize in resistance bands training as an alternative. Resistance bands training is a versatile way to develop muscles without relying on gravity to feel tension like handheld weights. What’s great about resistance bands is the latex material is what gives them resistance. You don’t require anything else except an ankle strap, a door anchor, and a small carry bag.

What this blog doesn’t include

This blog doesn’t include learning how to dirty bulk because I’m not interested in it. Dirty bulking is about accumulating a lot of muscle size and fat by overeating junk food. Instead, I’m interested in teaching how to get lean and performing the most robust movements the human body can do. With the right diet, proper fasting periods, and sleep, achieving a lean physique is possible. All body types benefit from learning how to perform calisthenics and resistance bands training. It doesn’t matter if you are skinny, muscular, or fat; we all have the same number of joints, bones, and muscles. I also don’t advise or support performance-enhancing drugs. Countless amount of people have had horrific side effects and death to please the eyes of the extreme.

If you want to read about me or my articles, click on the pages above. Again, welcome to Calisthenicsmindset, ladies, and gentlemen.

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